Our Mission


Evangelism – Discipleship – Church Planting Into All the World!

Go Ye Into all the world

We take seriously Christ’s commission to “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature.” Therefore, our vision has always been to fulfill Christ’s Great Commission through Evangelism, Discipleship and Church Planting both Domestically and Internationally..

Make disciples of all nations

It was Christ Himself who commanded His followers to “make disciples of all the nations,” and the simple obedience to this command is the passion and driving force of our church.

With this focus, we are constantly endeavoring to reach people with the gospel of Jesus Christ and to spread the good news of God’s love and saving grace throughout the world.

Plant churches

Whether we use Christian bands, movies, dramas, street preaching or door-to-door evangelism… Our focus, vision, and mission are to help lead people into their own personal and saving relationship with the Savior Jesus Christ.

One day, we too will be sending churches all over the world to tell people about the love of Jesus Christ and His power to save!